The Nine

April 8, 2018:  Pastor Tim introduces the The Nine Series

April 22, 2018:  Pastor Tim teaches on love, the first fruit of the Spirit from Gal. 5: 22

April 29, 2018: Pastor Sherri teaches on the second fruit of the Spirit: Joy

May 06, 2018: Pastor Tim continues with the third fruit of the Spirit: Peace

May 20, 2018:  Pentecost Sunday. Pastor Tim with the fourth fruit of the spirit: patience

May 27, 2018:  Jason Scheiman shows a little Kindness, the fifth fruit of the spirit

June 3, Pastor Tim: Goodness, the sixth fruit of the Spirit

June 10, Pastor Greg Butler: Faithfulness, the seventh fruit of the Spirit

June 24, Pastor Tim: Gentleness, the eighth fruit of the Spirit

July 1, Pastor Tim: Self-Control, the last fruit of the Spirit in this series